User agreement

1. Intoduction

Present Agreement is a formal document that prescribes the rights and duties of the ‘Boncode’ (hereafter ‘Service’ ‘Website’, ‘We’ and ‘Boncode’) acting as a service provider; as well as the rights and duties of a Service User (hereafter ‘Customer’, ‘Client’ or ‘User’). This Agreement immediately comes into effect after you log in a Service User.  

The ‘Boncode' website is a discount service, an online catalog encompassing information on discount promo codes, various promotions and sales ongoing on the websites of Advertisers (hereinafter referred to as 'Advertiser' or ‘eCommerce website’).

2. Base definitions 

Website (service, site, 'Boncode’, '') is a set of linked static and dynamic pages containing text, pictures, video and other digital data united on the Internet under one address (domain name or IP- address). 

Personal account is a User interface that allows him to source the services declared by the Website. 
User (Customer) is any signed-in member of the Service. 

Personal details - information on the signed-in User (his/her name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, residential address and other details). 

Profile (account) is a set of information concerning the User, which is stored in a computer system. It is essential for identification of the participants (authentication) and provision of an access to his/her personal data and settings. 

Advertiser (eCommerce website) is a website that provides certain services or sells products. The Service has entered into an agreement / concluded a contract with the Advertiser. This document specifies the terms on which the Service undertakes to draw in customers to the Advertiser's site. It is possible to conclude the contract with the Advertiser on a direct basis or through an intermediary (advertising agency).  

Link (hypertext link) is part of a web document that refers to another element (command, text, title, note, image) in the document itself, to another unit (file, directory, application) on a local disk or computer networks, or to components of the object.

An HTTP cookie is  is a small piece of data sent from a website. It is stored on the User's computer by way of a file and serves to ensure the correct Service operation, together with the statistics of all actions and purchases. 

3. Service Conditions 

3.1 Log-in Account 

To gain an access to the Personal Account and all services provided by the Website, you have to undergo the registration procedure, specifying a unique password and a valid e-mail address. You will receive an activation letter on that address with a confirmation link. Upon that, the User’s Account becomes active, and furthermore he/she is considered a Customer of the Service. The User must be at least 16 years old. 

The valid e-mail address specified in the Account and ready access to the letters are an essential prerequisite. If you’ve changed the e-mail address, you should update this information filling in a special form in your Personal Account as soon as possible so that there will not be any problems when obtaining the services of the Website.

Be responsible keeping the Account access information (e-mail address and password). Do not write them down where it can be easily found and do not pass them to a third person party. The Service disclaim liability for theft or User’s losing his/her credentials along with possible loss a to the Customer as a result.

If a Customer was inactive (did not log in to his account) for a period of one calendar year, the Service reserves a right to freeze his or her account (shut the account out). Access to the Account will be blocked until the Client sends an Application to the Website Administration.

One Customer can only have one Account on the Service. In case of mass account registration by one and the same person being detected, the ‘Boncode’ Administration reserves the right to shut duplicate accounts out. More so, the Service has the right to block and suspend the User Account for violation of the current Agreement terms, breaking rules of the Service and in case  of Client’s actions compromising normal operating of the Website. 

4. Liabilities 

4.1. Service’s Liability Limitations 

The  ‘Boncode’  service is an advertising space that hosts information provided by Advertisers. The site does not effect sales of products or services to its visitors. 

“Boncode’ disclaims liability: 

  • For products and services provided by Advertisers' websites included in our directory
  • For any kind of loss-making caused the by the Advertiser.
  • For any alterations introduced by the Advertiser to the terms of the Agreement between the Service and the Advertiser.
  • For providing inadequate information on advertising offers when the Service was not timely notified by the Advertiser about a change in terms of certain special offerings. 

The Service may only be considered liable to the extent and only in cases pre-conditioned by the current Agreement, and moreover only for actions (or lack of those) of the "Boncode" service team. The Service may only be considered liable to the extent and only in cases pre-conditioned by the current Agreement, and moreover only for actions (or lack of those) of the "Boncode" service team. Any claims or grievances in regard to the proposals (products, services or information on promotional offers, promocodes, discounts) made by any Advertiser are to be sent directly to the Company of a respective Advertiser. 

4.2. Privacy Policy 

By registering on the Boncode website, the User agrees to the Privacy Policy of the Service, published at

4.3. Intellectual Property 

By registering on the ‘Boncode’ website and using its services, the User agrees that all information posted on the Website is indeed his/her intellectual property. Trademarks, text and graphic descriptions of promotional offers and products, in its turn, are property of the Advertisers included in the directory.

Copying of textual or graphic materials, of site’s structure and design is prohibited. The visitor does not have the right to copy materials, create any derivative of the ‘Boncode’ website, as well as distribute data belonging to the Service without gaining a written permission from its Administration.  

4.4. Assignment of Rights and Obligations 

As part of the current agreement, Service reserves the right to transfer the entirety of its rights and obligations on service provision to the third parties either in part or in whole in accordance with unilateral provisions. 

Under the current Agreement, the User has no right to violate its terms or transfer his/her rights and obligations to third parties without gaining prior written approval of the ‘Boncode’ website administration. 

5. Violation of Operational Terms   

‘Boncode’ reserves the right to suspend or completely terminate the access of any User to the Service if any cases of violation of the terms of the current Agreement were detected in accordance with unilateral provisions. In this case, the Service has the right to remove the offending account.

The user is solely responsible for all the posts (information materials) published by him/her on the ‘Boncode’ website within the current legislation of the country where he is located. Any materials that, in the opinion of the Service team members, disagree with the Info Policy of the Site, will be removed. 

6. Technical aspects 

Service operation may have failures due to technicity problems or purposeful third-party interference. In such cases, ‘Boncode’ team members will try to restore serviceability as soon as possible. 
The site and its services may not work correctly or be temporarely inaccessible until the problem is resolved. ‘Boncode’ reserves the right to rectify or abolish the Users' actions that took place during the malperformance of the Site, if thereto are any objective reasons. Reimbursement of funds and losses arising due to the malfunctioning of the Site are not to be conducted.    

7. Alterations in the Agreement 

‘Boncode’ reserves the right to introduce amendments to this Agreement. These changes are considered effective when the Agreement is published on the Service's website. 

If the Customer declines new conditions specified in the Agreement, he has the right to refuse using the Service, in which case he has to give advance notice to 'Boncode’ team members within three working days.  

8. Final Provisions  

The Agreement herein between ‘Boncode’ and the User is considered effective from the moment of Client’s registration on the Service website and is valid up to the User’s account removal. 
Any relationships or disagreements arising within the framework of the current Agreement shall be regulated and resolved in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. This Agreement is common to all the Clients of ‘Boncode’. 

We do not store each User Agreement separately. Its most up-to-date version can always be found on the Service's website.

For any further questions related to the ‘Boncode’ operation you may contact our support team through the feedback form on the website or by sending us an e-mail: [email protected].

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